An Easy Solution for Retirement Investing.

You’ve been given a list of funds for your retirement plan. But, how do you know what funds to pick and how much to put in each fund? We simplify the choices and tell you exactly what to do. We make investing for retirement that easy.

Investment Advice for Your Retirement Plan

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You don't need to spend hours researching the funds available in your retirement plan at work. 

Smart401k Investment Advisors do the work for you, analyzing fund performance, manager track-record, expenses and style fit as a part of the fund selection process. 

  • Detailed: Your advice is tailored to the funds available in your retirement plan.
  • Professional: Smart401k uses a proprietary fund evaluation strategy, incorporating Modern Portfolio Theory and advisor oversight to create your recommendation for your retirement goals.
  • Easy to use: Use the list we've prepared to make changes to your account.

Smart401k is an independent provider of retirement investment advice. We're not paid by fund companies to sell their products. We're a flat-fee, Registered Investment Advisor operating solely in your best interest.

Professional Investment Advisor Support

Our online investment advice solution makes managing your retirement investments easy, and we back up our recommendations with professional investment advisor support.

Creating a retirement strategy with professional 401(k) help can guide you toward reaching your retirement goals. Smart401k investment advisors are available to work with you by phone, email or online chat, the same way you would work with an advisor in an office setting. Only, with Smart401k you never have to leave the comfort of your home. 

Smart401k advisors do not receive sales commissions. They are salaried employees, so their concern is providing quality investment recommendations and answers to your retirement questions.


Expert Retirement Plan Information

Our name suggests we only support 401(k) plans, but we specialize in all retirement plans available through your employer. We offer advice and support for employees with 403(b), Thrift Savings Plan, 457 and small business retirement plans. 

Our advisors can answer your plan-related questions, help you determine the most optimum savings amount and provide you with a professional investment recommendation to help you make the most of the retirement you have available at work.

Tools to Help Meet Your Retirement Goals

Just like with any road trip, you need to have a map to guide you on your journey. Smart401k provides you with access to tools and resources to create your own retirement strategies map. 

  • Retirement Guidance: discover if you're on track to reach your goals and make changes to your plan, factor in your outside savings and your lifestyle choices to see how many years you could have in retirement
  • Saving Calculators: try different saving amounts to determine your optimum strategy, see how early withdrawals affect your planning and determine how much your retirement may be worth in the years to come
  • Information Resources: be an informed investor and stay on top of market news and tips with the Smart401k Blog and Resource Center