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Receiving professional investment advice for your retirement plan shouldn't take hours of preparation and time-consuming meetings. Smart401k gives you personalized investment advice online with just a few minutes of your time. Find out how we can get you the 401(k) help you deserve.

Here's how we provide investment advice without all of the hassle.

Step 1 - Tell us about yourself 

Registration for your 401(k) advice is easy and takes most people less than five minutes. 

Enroll online and complete the Investor Profile questionnaire. We'll build your recommendation based on the answers you provide.

Choose your billing preference - members pay a flat-fee of $199.95 per year regardless of account size or retirement plan complexity. If you prefer, break the payments up and pay $59 per quarter ($236 per year).

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*Special pricing available for employees using the Thrift Savings Plan.

Tell Us Who You Are as a 401k Investor

Step 2 - Tell us about your plan

We currently monitor retirement plans for more than 5,000 companies, and we’re adding more every day; however, if we don't have your 401(k) company's fund list on file, you can send us an email or fax listing the funds available through your work retirement plan. If you have questions about how to gather this information, contact one of our investment advisors.

After you tell us about the investments in your plan, you'll complete a short Investor Profile questionnaire. These 14 questions will help us build an appropriate mix of funds to help meet your retirement goals.

Tell Us About Your 401k Plan

Step 3 - Make your retirement investment changes

Based on your Investor Profile questionnaire answers and the funds in your plan, we'll research your options and create an Investment Plan for you to follow.

You’ll receive notification via email within three business days of your registration that your recommendation is ready. Use your new Investment Plan to make the appropriate changes in your retirement account.

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Step 4 - Stay informed with regular updates from your Smart401k advisors

Relax. We’ll monitor the markets and provide ongoing research of your funds. If we believe an update to your investment advice is necessary, we’ll notify you of the change. Every quarter we’ll remind you to reallocate your account to make sure you’re still on track with the most optimal recommendation.

If you have questions about your recommendation, your retirement plan or how recent market events could affect your account, contact our advisors. They are available by phone, email or chat and they love talking about investing. And, if you like to be the most informed one in the group, use the calculators, tools and research available to our members in the resource center. 

TSP pricing available at registration. Annual TSP membership $149.99. Quarterly TSP membership $45/quarter.

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