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  • Summer Trends

    Summer officially started June 21, 2010. It’s the season for swimsuits and sunscreen. In addition to cramming your mini-van to the brim with luggage and gear, or carefully packing your one-bag-per-person-and-forget-the-carry-on luggage, you’ll probably participate in and/or notice lots of other summer trends and traditions.
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  • Christmas Price Index: An Analysis

    For the 27th year, PNC Bank released a Christmas Price Index – the PNC CPI is not to be confused with the government’s Consumer Price Index, which is a little more important.
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  • A Golden Opportunity? Maybe Not.

    It’s tough to turn on the TV or read a newspaper or browse the Internet and not see a story about the soaring price of gold – as of this writing, gold has been trading in the range of $1,300 - $1,400 per ounce.
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