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Some financial companies are in the fund business. We’re in the helping business.

Get to know Financial Engines.

Retirement isn’t stuff we learn about in school. So a lot of people don’t know how to plan for it.

Think back to your first day at your job when you signed up for your benefits, like your employer’s 401(k), 403(b), 457 or Thrift Savings plan. Your HR department gave you an enrollment kit or a link. And that was it. Because by law, they are not allowed to tell you how, how much, and where to invest your money.

That’s where we, Financial Engines, come in. We’re a financial advisor to help you with your retirement plan—and the rest of your entire financial picture—so you can make the smartest choices for your future. (Our name comes from our pretty sophisticated formulas that measure mutual funds and investments differently than the rest of the world.)

We were founded more than 20 years ago to give people the best possible advice for their retirement based on who they are, and how they’re saving for it. We’ve always been a fiduciary. That’s a fancy, legal way to say we always work in your best interest. We don’t sell investments. So we don’t make commissions, which can be a huge conflict of interest in the investing world.

It’s your turn.

Bottom line: we give you the objective, straightforward information, retirement portfolio review, and 401(k) impact analysis so you can reach your financial goals and a secure retirement. It doesn’t matter how much money or investment expertise you have. Wherever you are is just fine. We’ll meet you where you are with respect and compassion–and without judgment.

We’ve already helped 9 million regular Americans get closer to their ideal retirement. It’s time you got that help, too.