Your 401k Fee Toolkit

Understanding your 401k fees is an important part of taking control of your retirement planning. You'll be able to make better decisions about the plan offered by your employer and about your retirement strategy. Cehck out our collection of tools, articles and ebooks.




401k Fee Calculator- get the total estimated cost per year of the funds you're invested in and receive your estimated personal expense ratio with our free calculator

Retirement Accumulation Calculator- estimate how much your plan could accumulate for retirement





Guide to Understanding Fees in Your 401k- find out why you are paying fees in your 401k, learn common terms and examine the affect fees can have on your 401k

Retirement Investing Six Ways to Take Charge- set a retirement strategy with the help of your step-by-step guide


  Blog Posts


Fees in Your 401k Investments (Infographic) - A simple breakdown of what you get for the fees in your 401k

Breaking Down Common 401k Fee Disclosure Terms- a deeper look into terms you will frequently come across as you review your 401k fees